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Welcome to madebykris - a digital portfolio showcasing my exploration and development in the wide field of Computer Science.

About me

My name is Kris Jessome.

I am the Director of Information Technology for Appliance Love.

I was introduced to Software Development in 2003 through an introductory course on VB.NET and the Computer Technology Institute. This short two week program in 7th grade was intended as a cookie cutter small glimpse into the helloworld of programing - but what I took away from this was my intrinsic desire to push tehcnology, both mine and the systems limitations through its boundaries. By the end of that 2 week class, with the introduction of timers, classes and basic GUI - I had programed a Space Invaders Replica, a 3 Dimensional Pong, and had begun creating an open-world zelda style scroller. None of this was on the itinerary - I was hooked....

I continued my education at Humber College through a 3yr diploma program that focused on enterprise software development in major languages through the object oriented paradigm and Software Development Life Cycle. I have a passion for creating beautiful, intuitive, and highly crafted solutions combining a considered approach with emerging technologies. For in-depth information on my previous work, class work, and qualifications, please see my résumé.

Technical Summary

Network Administration

OS X Server, Open Directory, FTP, IMAP/SMTP with SSL and Kerberos Auth, Jabber, CalDav, OpenBSD/Security Onion IDS, IPsec VPN, Switch Management including Load Balancing, SPAN, VirtualBox Server Virtualization, UNIX Scripting

Software Development

Languages : HTML/CSS, VB.NET, Java, Javascript, Objective-C, C/C++/C#, Python, PHP, XML |
Software : Eclipse, NetBeans, X-Code, Deamweaver, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator |
Development Processes : Object-Oriented Programing, SDLC, Design Paterns

Database Administration

Languages : PostgreSQL, Oracle 11g, MySQL |
Software : PgAdmin3


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